Leadership for Women

Women face unique challenges as they move higher in their organisations. This programme explores these challenges and helps participants to develop the critical attitudes, self-confidence and qualities that meet the demands of modern business.
The learning experience combines individual leadership assessment, experiential learning, and frank discussion about obstacles in the workplace with a facilitated process for professional development and career planning.

You will examine:

    • Your perception of your leadership skills and the perceptions of your key constituents
    • Your organization’s culture and how it impacts success
    • How to align your leadership skills with your organizational culture
    • The choices and trade-offs that may be necessary to attain, regain, or maintain work/life balance
    • The business case for women’s leadership role in the 21st century
    • Organisational culture and its impact on performance, power, relationships, and effective leadership behaviours
    • Values, assumptions, and actions concerning achievement and competition
    • Your influence style and how it enables you to get your agenda accepted by senior management
    • Lessons women have learned about how to be credible, powerful executives
    • Building alliances that promote organisational and personal knowledge
    • Career success factors and “de-railers”
    • How to get ongoing performance feedback that supports leadership development
    • How to balance professional and personal goals