Effective Strategic Leadership

Organisations require highly effective and well-trained managers and leaders.

They benefit through improved efficiencies, increased productivity, cohesive teams, reduced operating costs and increased profits.

The Effective Strategic Leadership Course is a leading edge strategic management and leadership programme aimed at developing new skills and building on existing experiences. The course focuses on the required behaviour and attitude changes to help managers cope with the rapidly shifting business environment. Strategic Leadership focuses on managing and leading people to achieve strategic opportunities and objectives.

Participants can expect to:

    • Enhance leadership capabilities
    • Develop effective organisational strategies
    • Develop productive and empowered teams
    • Improve communication abilities
    • Become better decision makers
    • Increase self confidence
    • Improve time management
    • Determine key organisational values
  • Develop benchmarks for key performance areas

This course is designed for senior managers and those aspiring to be involved in roles that involve leadership and obtaining results through people.