Leadership Management

Motivational Leadership

This is ODMC’s premier programme for creating or improving the skills of leaders who wish to inspire and motivate their staff. It is designed to increase an individual’s personal ability to perform in a strong leadership role.

Personal Leadership

This Course builds on existing skills and focuses on required behaviour and attitude changes to cope with the pace and changing nature of business.

Leadership for Women

Women face unique challenges as they move higher in their organisations. This programme explores these challenges and helps participants to develop the critical attitudes, self-confidence and qualities that meet the demands of modern business.

Strategic Leadership

The Strategic Leadership Course is a leading edge strategic management and leadership programme aimed at developing new skills and building on existing experiences. The course focuses on the required behaviour and attitude changes to help managers cope with the rapidly shifting business environment.

Personal Productivity

Organisations that have leaders focused on productivity improvements, improved teamwork, enhanced goal setting and communication, will enhance overall results and performance. These are the essence, the basic building blocks, of successful leadership and of a successful organisation.

Team Developments

This programme is designed to enhance and improve the effectiveness of a department or project workgroup. It shows how to create strong bonds of mutual trust and respect between colleagues. For a team to succeed, they need to continually practice and challenge their collaboration.


An ability to understand and empathise with customers and prospects is critical. There is a science to our words. Learning how to apply that science is the key to effective communication skills: accurate and respectful ways of communicating that prevent costly miscommunication and time-consuming misunderstanding.

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