Effective Leadership Development

Leadership is an essential business skill, keeping staff motivated and providing a compass for the direction your organisation is heading. If your employees are not performing to the best of their ability, it’s possible they are lacking effective leadership training.

So how can leadership be improved and what are the benefits to your business of investing in leadership development training?

Management versus leadership

Just because someone is ‘in charge’, it doesn’t always follow that they have leadership skills. While a manager generally focuses on the completion of tasks, a leader influences and motivates people to achieve.

Leadership is an essential skill for anyone in a position of authority, but is also important for staff interacting with other departments or collaboratively on projects.

Leadership can be learned

Leadership is not just giving orders – to be an effective leader you must be able to motivate and manage people to perform at their best, which is not always easy. After all, everyone responds to different approaches. But fortunately, staff leadership is something that can be learned. LMI’s Effective Leadership Development Programme will: