About ODMC Consultancy

ODMC Consultancy specialises in helping SMEs and start-up businesses. An appointed licensee for Leadership Management Ireland, we work with companies to improve productivity & profitability. Clients can choose from a one-off project or a regular outsourced service.

We provide complimentary consultations, easy access to information and resources on all aspects of your business needs every step of the way.

As the newest appointed licensee of Leadership Management Ireland, Michael O'Donoghue of ODMC Consultancy Ltd brings with him over 20 years of Sales and Marketing experience.

Focusing on measurable results for both individuals and organisations, Leadership Management Ireland develop personal effectiveness, productivity and performance skills in people holding, or aspiring to hold management positions.

Backed by Leadership Management Ireland, and the combined global experience of developing people and companies since the 1960's and available in 80 countries and 30 languages, Michael and ODMC Consultancy are building and expanding on an outstanding existing record of achieving very measurable and very specific results for their clients.

Michael O'Donoghue


successful experience

Bringing over 20 years sales and management experience, Michael has worked in various fields throughout his career. Having graduated from The College of Marketing & Design in Dublin, Michael started his sales career in retail, while part time farming. He quickly moved into full time sales, working his way from Agri sales into Veterinary, on from there into Medical, and has worked for the last 10 years in various Surgical Sales roles.

He has headed up numerous product launches in both Medical & Surgical, and has partnered with surgeons in operating theatres for market leading companies such as Technopath, and most recently, Ethicon, Johnson & Johnson.

In 2016, Michael returned to higher level education, and graduated first in his class with first class honours in Business & Sales Management. (H1, Level 8).

Sporting passions include rugby & hurling, and he is an avid weekly hiker.

Michael is married to Claire, and they have 3 adult children.